About Me

Peter Paxx is a Vietnamese-Australian stage magician-illusionist, born and raised in Perth, Australia. After his successful professional debut at Fringe World 2016, he has recently returned after performing in Europe and Southeast Asia, including headlining the Now You See Me 2 movie premiere in Malaysia. His new show, Finding Magic: The Wonders of Peter Paxx is due for release in 2019.

Peter started learning magic at the age of six after his dad taught him his very first card trick, and inspired by this one illusion, ended up reading every magic book available at his school library. Being a shy individual he also used magic to develop his confidence in speaking publicly. When he turned 9 years old, he performed his first magic show at his school library with the cutting-the-lady-in-half illusion. His biggest inspiration comes from his parents' journey to Australia, as boat refugees, in search of freedom and a new place to call home.

His parents' story inspired him to pursue his own dreams as a stage magician, believing that anything is possible.

He is passionate about creating magic that evokes feelings of wonder and awe, with introspective and engaging playwriting. This translates into his unique stage and theatre performances where he blends magic, illusion and storytelling to remind his audiences to appreciate the magic in our everyday lives and to follow our own dreams.